Something New

I don’t know about you, but late August/early September always seems more like New Year’s to me than January 1st does.  Maybe it’s the fresh start of school, complete with blank calendars, no late homework, perfect attendance records, and straight A’s to start the year.  I find myself making resolutions (“I will shower and dry my hair every  day, even if I’m not going out”), setting goals (“If I go through one bin of kids clothes every day, I can have a clean basement by Thanksgiving!”), and writing my plans in my very fresh new planner (exercise 5:30 a.m. every day!).  So when the idea of writing a blog kept pressing on my heart, I decided there was no better time to get it up and running than in the fall–a fresh start!

So what is RF Living all about?  You saw two RF’s in my tagline–Radical Freedom and Ridiculously Full.  (I’ve since added Really Fun as well to my list.)  When I say “radical freedom”, I’m talking about not only time and financial freedom, but also about freedom to enjoy every day without the weight of guilt on you heart–mom guilt, marriage guilt, guilt over broken relationships. Even freedom in the midst of a chaotic family schedule that seems to be controlling you!  Because that’s where the Ridiculously Full comes in.  Yes, life is full.  It’s jam-packed, something in every minute of your 24 hours.  What is yours filled with?  In this blog, you’ll get a picture of what mine is filled with.  Some topics may speak to you, while others are new territory.  That’s ok.  I honestly don’t know if this will be more of a journal, a place for me to organize my thoughts, or if anyone else will read it.  But if you stop back, you’re sure to see a patchwork quilt of sorts–all kinds of individual subjects coming together into something beautiful and purposeful.  That is my hope anyway!  Welcome, and thank you for coming.

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